Tutorial — Part 2

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Step #2: Enter transaction data

Performance is calculated based on the market values and cash flows that you enter in the Transaction Data Input screen. The transactions supported by the system include contributions, withdrawals, purchases, sales, income, and fees. The steps below will show you how to enter these transactions into the system.

First, follow this link to the Transaction Data Input screen, and select "Venture Capital" from the drop down menu. Click 'Continue' to proceed to the next screen. At the top of the next page, choose 'January, 2008' from the drop down, and click 'Go' as shown in this screenshot.

Change date range screenshot

You are now on the correct page to enter your first data. The first transaction for an account is usually a cash contribution. This initial contribution provides the account with cash to invest. In this example, assume that $10,000 was contributed to the "Venture Capital" account on the account's inception date, January, 15, 2008. Each row on this form represents a single transaction. The first field is day of the month, so enter 15 in that field. Next, choose an asset class to apply the transaction to. In simple mode, contributions are always credited to the cash asset class, so choose 'Cash' from the drop down. The next field is transaction type, and it will be pre-filled with available transactions. Choose 'Contribution' and move to the next field. The final field is amount, and in this box enter 10000.

Contribution transaction

TIP: You do not need to use your mouse to navigate this form. The tab key will move to the next field and create a new line if necessary. Shift-tab will move you back. You can use the keyboard to enter data in the drop down fields. The keyboard makes data entry fast and easy.

Now that the account is funded, the next step is to enter the purchases and sales of your investments. In this example, let us assume that on January 15, 2008, $3,000 of Common Stock, Large Cap, and Corporate Bonds were purchased. Enter these transactions on the same screen:

Purchase transactions

In simple mode, the money for purchases is automatically deducted from cash. (Likewise, in simple mode, the proceeds from sales are automatically added to cash.)

You can enter market values for any day. Typically, market values are only available for month ends. This tutorial will enter market values on the last day of the month. Enter the market values below:

Market value transactions

Click 'Submit' to save the transactions you have entered for January.

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